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The Artist - Howard JR.

Jr. is a second-generation realtor who has been in the industry for more than six years, working as a vital member of The Pounall Team. He was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. He has always had a passion for art and fashion, and that deepened once he received his first tattoo. Ten years later, Jr.’s passion has only grown and evolved, and now his body is more than half covered with diverse art by numerous other talented artists. 

His Story

At the early age of 24, Jr. started to experience hair thinning and hair loss. Like many people suffering with the same, he became self-conscious and attempted to hide the problem by wearing hats all the time. In 2019, he began researching options and solutions and he came across SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation). Jr. was instantly fascinated and intrigued with the concept. As a result, he decided to educate himself and trained under Inkbarber, the best in the industry, in Vancouver. Combining both artistry and technique, Jr. has the ability to help to improve clients’ self-esteem and change their lives.

Howard SR. Co-Founder

Meet Howard Pounall Sr. Howard first saw the results of SMP when his son Howard Jr. completed his training and was wowed by the outcome the procedure produced. He knew right then that he wanted to be a part of this life changing future.

Being one of the fastest growing solutions, and having experienced hair loss himself, the opportunity was perfect to receive this non-invasive, fast and permanent procedure. It not only renewed his youth but his confidence as well; and of course he had the highly skilled artist, Howard Jr. at his finger tips to showcase his talent.

Our vow is to build a bond with each of our clients, building a new sense of confidence every time they look in the mirror, all in a professional, friendly and safe environment.

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Continuing to change lives everyday.

Scalp Micropigmentation 

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